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Once somebody gets a smartphone, they immediately tend to fill it up with apps and games. The official App Store is obviously the best place to get the best apps and games. Other than that, there are also other App Stores like AppValley iOS for iPhone, and it will be our focus today.

Third-party App Stores are nothing new in the Android marketplace. It is something of a wish-come-true for iOS users. iOS users know that Apple isn’t as lenient with its policy and doesn’t allow third-party apps on the iTunes App Stores.

Besides, it is also hard to make iOS apps. So, App Stores like AppValley provide great apps that you can’t seem to find on the iTunes App Store. Let’s see how you can install AppValley iOS.

AppValley iOS Installation

The installation is a pretty easy procedure and you don’t even have to jailbreak your iOS device to install it, as is the case with most such apps. AppValley is an App Store, so it is kind of given that you won’t find it on the iTunes App Store.

AppValley iOS for iPhone

But fortunately enough for the iOS users, they can get the setup file easily from the official website. Follow the below steps to download and install AppValley for iPhone.

  • Open the Safari Browser on your iOS device. Doesn’t matter which one it is because AppValley iOS supports all iOS devices.
  • Once Safari is open, type the following link in the address bar of the browser.

  • Hit enter after entering the address, or you can directly click this link by accessing this article on your iOS device.
  • On the home page, you will see the app’s icon and a button beneath it.
  • Tap on the “Install AppValley” button to start the download.
  • When the pop-up window appears, tap on “Install” to move ahead with the installation process.
  • The installation will be complete in a few minutes and you will have the App Store on your phone.
  • Don’t open it yet as there is still a step remaining.
  • Go to the Settings menu and scroll down to find App Management section.
  • Find the ApoValley iOS profile and tap on Trust in order to use the third-party app store.
  • You can now access the app store from your home screen where you will find its icon.

Finally, the method to install AppValley for iPhone is over. That was quite easy if you ask me and anyone could have done it on their own just with a bit of guidance.

Once you have AppValley iOS on your iPhone, you can easily download all the apps that you like for free. Even the paid applications are available for free. A great feature of this app is that the users get to install tweaked apps and games which have more features than the original ones.

Well, that is all there is to installing AppValley iOS. I am sure that this is enough information for you to understand the process well and good. If you need any further assistance, contact us at App-Valley.

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